Analysis of Online and Offline Poker

There are now hundreds of perfectly secure gambling portals that have some great poker software for you to enjoy and these fully licensed poker sites allow you to play various poker varieties such as Texas Hold’em. You can sign up to a poker website for free and you will receive a guaranteed new player welcome bonus as soon as your new account is active or as soon as you make your first ever deposit. You can play online poker in the real money mode or in the free play mode and you can play 24 hours per day if you really wanted to.

Traditional Poker at Land Based Casinos

You can play poker at land based casinos, but millions of players don’t have easy access to these venues. When playing in a land based casino, you can usually find a table game called Casino Hold’em which is only ever played against the dealer and occasionally you can find some casinos that either have poker nights on certain days of the week, or they make have poker tables available every single night. This depends on where you live. Most of these venues host Multi-Table Tournaments, but occasionally you can also find Cash Game Tables. Just make sure that the place you are playing at is a venue which is licensed to allow real money poker games.

Some land based poker tournaments can last for days, so you have to make sure that you set enough spare time aside, just in case you end up making it to the final tables. Some tournaments will allow you to re-buy back in if you lose your chips and other events will also allow you to purchase add-ons, but only up until a certain time and most land-based poker events have buy-in’s ranging from just a few dollars (or equivalent currency) up to in some cases thousands of dollars. It is usually the top few who end up with the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Online Poker Details

You can normally play online poker either instantly in your browser or from within a perfectly secure download client and almost all online poker software today is free to download. The installation process usually takes just a couple of minutes and you normally have the option of being able to change the display language during the installation process. Once you have downloaded the software, created your unique alias/nickname and then made your first deposit, you then go to the lobby and search for a table to sit down at. You should be able to find numerous Cash Game Tables, as well as Sit ‘n Go Tournaments and Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT’s).

To find a quick seat you can generally adjust the table game filters. Some of these filters that you can check or uncheck display the Limit (No Limit/Pot Limit), Stakes (Low/Medium/High), Game (Omaha/Holdem etc.), Speed (Regular/Turbo/Super Turbo etc.), Players (2, 4, 6, 9), Status (In-Play/Late Registration etc.) and several other filter variants may also be available such as Freeroll/Beginner/Jackpot/Satellite/Deep Stack etc.). As soon as you click on a cash game table it will launch straight away and if you register for a tournament, the table will automatically launch as soon as the time comes.

Online Poker FAQ

I Am Having Trouble Downloading The Software, What Should I Do?

If you encounter any kind of technical difficulty when downloading online poker software onto your computer, the best thing to do would be to cancel the installation process and start again. You would be surprised at how many times this actually happens. If the problem persists, contact the support and ask them for a download link.

Can I Play Poker on My Mac Computer?

You can play online poker on your Mac computer, but you generally have to play instantly in your browser because some download clients are still not yet compatible with Mac operating systems. To find out whether you can play from your mac, simply contact the player support and get one of the agents to confirm whether you can play or not with the system you are using.

I Have Forgotten My Username & Password, How Do I Get In To My Account?

This is a common problem and one that is easily resolved. All you need to do is follow the ‘lost password’ / ‘forgotten password’ and/or forgotten/lost username link and an email should then instantly be sent to your registered email address. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the email to create a new password. This email may not end up in your inbox so you might have to check your spam/junk box.

My Account is Frozen, What Should I Do?

Your account can be frozen for a number of different reasons. Perhaps your account has not been fully verified or perhaps you have entered the username into the login area too many times. A simple chat with the player support should be able to resolve your frozen account issue.

Can I Play in More Than One Currency or in The Free Play Mode?

You can play in more than one currency. Adjusting the filters will bring up the different tables/currencies that are available at the time. For example, some of the main currencies that you can play in include Dollars, Euros and UK Pound Sterling. It is also possible to play poker in the free play demo mode using play chips (aka fun chips).

Online Poker Terminology

Ante - In poker, the Ante is the forced bet which players have no choice but to pay towards the later stages of tournaments and it is also the Small Blind and Big Blind that players have to pay.

All-In - If a player goes ‘All-In’, it means that he or she has added all of his or her chips in to the main pot. Any additional bets from other players will then be put in a side put which the ‘All-In’ player cannot win.

Call - To ‘Call’ is to match the exact bet placed by any other player on the table.

Small Blind - The player who enters the Small Blind is the play who must enter the first compulsory bet and will always sit directly to the left of the dealer button in Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Big Blind - This is the forced bet which basically initiates action on the table. All players must at least match the Big Blind if they wish to continue playing and this first big blind player sits directly to the left of the Small Blind.

Flop - The first three community cards that are dealt face-up are known as the Flop.

Turn Card - The Turn Card is the card that is dealt after the flop and this initiates the third round of betting.

River - This is the fifth and final community card which is dealt after the Turn Card and this initiates the last round of betting.

Check/Raise - To Check is to stick with your hand and not add any more chips to the pot. To Raise is to add more chips to the pot and therefore initiate a new bet.

Fold - To Fold is to lay down your cards and exit the hand. You cannot win when you fold your hand and you cannot reverse this decision.

Online Poker Resources

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