Analysis of Sports Betting Online & Offline

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of betting and it is deeply entrenched into multiple societies around the world. Sports betting is the simple act of placing a real cash wager on the outcome of any particular sporting event and most events generally have lots of different betting options available (otherwise known as betting markets). Depending on how much money you have placed on a bet and depending on which odds you received at the time you placed your bet will determine how much you receive if your bet wins. You can now place a sports bet either online or offline.

Traditional Sports Betting at Land Based Casinos

It is possible to place a sports bet at a land based casino, but not all land based casinos have a sports betting section available. You are also fairly limited when placing a bet at a land based casino with regards to the number of sporting events that are available, but you can generally place bets on events such as horse racing, dogs/greyhounds, speedway/motocross and occasionally on certain other events such as football/soccer, golf, cricket and tennis. Depending on which casino you are in and what time of the year it is will determine exactly what you can bet on.

The odds may appear on television screens for you, or you can talk to an agent at the betting window for details about events and odds. When you are ready to place a bet, you can hand your ticket to the teller. Providing you have entered the correct betting information on your bet slip for your chosen event, the bet can go through and you will then receive a bet slip receipt. Don’t lose this receipt because you will need it to claim your winnings should your bet be successful. Sometimes you even get to watch the events unfold on big screen, which adds to the excitement.

Sports Betting Online Details

Online Sports Betting websites (aka online sportsbooks) have made it much easier for gamblers around the world to place a sports bet at any time of the day throughout the year. You can find a much wider range of sporting events to place a bet on when gambling online and you can also find even more betting markets per event. Sports betting websites are free to sign up to and you will generally receive some kind of free bet as soon as your new account is active.

You can also find lots more special bets when gambling online and you never have to interact with anyone when placing a sports bet online. You can even change the odds between ‘decimal’, ‘fractions’ and ‘American’ (however you prefer to view the odds) and filling out a bet slip online is really straight forward. You can also finds odds calculators and plenty of other useful betting tools to help you place even more realistic bets. Should you run in to any kind of difficulty when placing a wager, you can easily contact the player support and the best way to reach an agent is by live chat. Most major online sportsbooks also now provide live audio commentary and live video feeds to certain events for you to enjoy listening to/watching.

Online Sports Betting FAQ

What are the Advantages of Online Sports Betting?

Online sportsbook never close, which means that you can place bets all day long. Online sportsbooks allow you gamble from the comfort of your own home (or out & about using a mobile device) and therefore you never have to visit a land based betting shop ever again. You will also receive a free bet welcome bonus just for registering a new account at most online sportsbooks.

How Do I Claim My Free Bet?

Simply register a new account with the correct information and then you will either receive your free bet bonus as soon as your new account is activated or as soon as you make your first ever deposit. Read the free bet T’s & C’s because you can generally only place a bet which has certain odds.

What are the Minimum & Maximum Bets I Can Place?

At most online sports betting websites you can generally place a bet from as little as $/€/£0.10 to $/€/£0.50. The maximum amount can vary a great deal, but you can usually place $/€/£10,000 wagers on one single outcome. Frequent real cash players and high rollers can also ask the operator of the site for even higher betting limits.

How Do I Withdraw My Winnings if My Bet is Successful?

If you do end up winning and can’t wait to get your hands on your money, simply head to the cashier section, choose a suitable withdrawal method and then start the withdrawal process. You should find that most withdrawals will take no longer than 48 hours to be processed. The withdrawal time often depends on which method you are using to withdraw.

How Do I Cancel A Bet?

Unfortunately if you have already confirmed the bet there is no way that you can cancel it. This is why you should always make sure that you read through your entire bet slip before putting it through.

Sports Betting Terminology

Handicap - This particular term is basically a method that tries to make a one-sided event become more evenly matched, but purely for betting purposes.

Bet Types - There are numerous bet types and it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with as many different ones as possible before placing a bet.

Market - For each sporting event there are several different markets available. Additional markets basically give punters more of a choice on what to spend their money on.

Exacta - An Exacta pertains to horse racing. This is a Tote bet where races have three or more runners and the punter must select the first two to finish in either order.

In-Play - In-Play betting is the ability to place a bet on an event while it is happening. In-Play betting is extremely popular in events such as Cricket, Soccer/Football, Golf, Tennis and several other major sporting events.

Lay - The term ‘Lay’ simply means to place a bet or make a wager. It is the simple form of paying for a bet, or ‘laying’ down your money.

Accumulator/Parlay - An Accumulator Bet (which is also known as a ‘Roll-Up’ or ‘Parlay’ in the US) is one single bet which has four or more selections from one or more events.

Return - The Return(s) is the total amount of cash that you receive from a winning bet. This includes your total winnings plus your original stake.

Each Way - The Each Way bet type allows you to place a wager of equal amounts on any selection to either win, or at least place (finish in a paid position).

Spread Betting - This is a type of betting where losses or returns are calculated in proportion to how right or wrong the bettor is, which is quite different to fixed odds where potential losses and returns are set the moment the bet was placed.

Sports Betting Resources

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